Research projects undertaken


*      Many chapters of Cyclone Manual  have been  prepared.

*      Cyclone eAtlas – IMD,  a software, to generate Tracks and Statistics of Cyclones and Depressions of Indian seas has been developed recently and is updated every year.

*      Two kinds of outputs can be generated from this atlas:

1.      Display of tracks of C&Ds

2.      Statistical information on frequency, formation, dissipation, movement, speed, direction of movement, recurvature, coastal crossing and intensification in Map form, Charts and Tables.


*      The Cyclone eAtlas – IMD is available in two versions viz.,  (i) Online and  (ii) CD.


*      The ONLINE Version  was developed recently and made accessible to users from January 2012 freely at the  




*      Some sample products from the software are given below:


tracks.bmp        betnstns.bmp       ChartImg.png

The online version does not provide the background data based on which the products are developed. However the background data is provided in the CD version details of which are furnished below.


CD Version


The CD version was released in 2008 and contains data up to 2007. However, the database is updated every year and updated database and details of uploading are sent to all buyers every year.




The price of the Cyclone eAtlas – IMD CD is as under:

      i)     Rs.3000/- for Indian buyers


 (ii)    US $100 for buyers from countries of

WMO/ESCAP Panel      

         (viz. Bangladesh, Maldives , Myanmar, Oman, 

         Pakistan , Sri Lanka &  Thailand)


    (iii)    US $185 for buyers from other countries



*      Please click here for further details.



*      CWCDSTAT- A Fortran based software with easy to use, menu driven screen interface was developed in-house to generate statistics on cyclones and depressions that formed over North Indian Ocean. 

A Met. Monograph entitled “A Fortran based software – CWCDSTAT – to generate statistics on cyclones and depression of North Indian Ocean” explaining the various features of the software and the outputs generated has been published 

(No. Climatology 23/2008).



*      Computed “Probable Maximum Storm Surge heights for the maritime districts of India” which was used as input for the Met. Monograph on Probable Maximum Storm Surge (No. Synoptic Meteorology – 5/2007)


*      Functioned as the Field Operational Centre (FOC) in the Forecast Demonstration Project (FDP) on cyclones over Bay of Bengal during October-November in the pre-pilot  and pilot phases (2008-2010).  


*      Prepares Experimental Outlook on Seasonal Cyclonic Activity during the chief cyclone period of October-December over the North Indian Ocean from 2009 onwards based on a statistical model developed recently (S.Balachandran & B.Geetha, Mausam, 63, 1, 17-28)  



Ongoning Project-TCRAIN 

------> A project on generation of graphical / pictorial outputs of (i) percentage frrequency of rain rate (ii) azimuthally averaged radial profile of rain rate and (iii) quadrant-wise mean rain rate around 43 Tropical Cyclones that affected North Indian Ocean during 2000-2010 using 3-hrly 3B42 TRMM rainfall data is presently undertaken in CWRC. The computations are carried out for each cyclone based on intensity stratification (5 stages of intensity are defined) and the above products are generated for each stage of each cyclone.

Sample product

cs nisha  

The products are presented using menu driven user interface and is being uploaded in the RMC Chennai website. These products would help researchers in understanding the rainfall patterns associated with each cyclone over the North Indian Ocean during the recent decade.



  • WRF model is run daily on operational basis in HPC, RMC Chennai and uploaded in the RMC Chennai website. 
  • Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Predictions based on WRF model are generated on experimental basis for the RMC Chennai domain.

     Sample product