Cyclone eAtlas IMD


Tracks of Cyclones and Depressions over North Indian Ocean

(from 1891 onwards)



          India Meteorological Department (IMD) is the National Weather Service of India and is responsible for monitoring, tracking and forecasting the movement of cyclones and depressions of North Indian Ocean.  Chennai centre of IMD, viz., Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai  digitised the tracks of depressions and cyclones that occurred over the Indian seas.

A software, Cyclone eAtlas IMD, has been developed to generate Tracks , statistics in  Map, Charts and Tables on various aspects of Cyclones and Depressions of Indian seas.

The Cyclone eAtlas IMD is available in two versions viz.,  Online and CD versions developed and maintained by Cyclone Warning and Research Centre, Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai.


        ONLINE  Version:  The online version is available at the URL : The online version does not provide the background data based on which the products are developed. However the background data is provided in the CD version as detailed below.


        CD Version:  The CD version was released in 2008 and contains data up to 2007. However, the  data base is updated every year and updated data base and details of uploading are sent to all buyers every year.



        The price of the Cyclone eAtlas IMD CD is as under:

          i)     Rs.3000/- for Indian buyers


 (ii)    US $100 for buyers from countries of  

                                WMO/ESCAP Panel      

         (viz. Bangladesh, Maldives , Myanmar, Oman, 

         Pakistan , Sri Lanka &  Thailand)


    (iii)    US $185 for  buyers from other countries


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