(Established in 1972)




Cyclones are disastrous weather events that frequently affect the coastal areas of India.  The eastern coastal districts, especially that of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal are victims of frequent and disastrous cyclones from time to time.  Two cyclonic storms hit Andhra Pradesh coast in 1969, one in May and the other in November.  Together, they took a death toll of about 900 human lives and the damage to crops, houses, roads and other property was of the order of Rs.200 crores.  In view of such excessive damage to life and property, the Govt. of India, Ministry of Irrigation and Power, in consultation with the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation appointed a Cyclone Distress Mitigation Committee (CDMC)  for Andhra Pradesh in December 1969 with Dr.P.Koteswaram, the then Director General of Observatories as the Chairman and several other central and state government officials as members to examine various measures to mitigate human sufferings and to reduce loss of life and property in the event of recurrence of cyclones in future.  Similar studies were conducted for other vulnerable areas also.


In accordance with the recommendations of these committees, a full fledged research centre  viz., Cyclone Warning & Research Centre,  to conduct cyclone related research activities was established by IMD in 1972 at Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai.




Functions of the Centre 



*      To carryout research works related to the structure, intensification, movement and development of tropical cyclones.


*      To develop storm surge model for Indian coast.


*      To popularise among public and disaster mitigation managers,  the role of cyclonic disturbances in causing excessive damage to life and property and also to advise government authorities for planning contingency measures against Natural Disasters.


*      To have liaison with different maritime state governments in order to make the society resilient to cyclonic disturbances.


*      To provide brief material for  WMO/ESCAP Panel Sessions and Progress reports on the action taken on the Final reports of WMO/ESCAP Panel sessions.