New No.6, College road, CHENNAI 600 006


The Indian Meteorological Society is a non-profit organisation with its registered office at New Delhi.


The objectives of the society are:


*      To promote advancement of the science of meteorology and allied Sciences.


*      To disseminate the knowledge of such sciences amongst scientific workers and the public.


*      To apply the science of meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities such as agriculture, land use, air pollution, public health, environment, irrigation, non-conventional energy,  power development, air and sea navigation, engineering and technology etc. 


To achieve the above objectives, the society regularly engages itself in the following activities:

*      Encourage research activities in meteorology and allied sciences.


*      Organise lectures, meetings, symposia and discussions on the above subjects.


*      Arrange to publish suitable pamphlets, books, periodicals, brochures etc to create public awareness on the impact of weather and climate in day-to-day human, plant and animal life.


*      Promote co-operation in scientific work as far as it may be practicable between Government departments, academic and other research institutions, scientific societies and industries.


Membership details:

Any person who is interested in the aims and objectives of the Society is eligible to become a member on payment of

an entrance fee of Rs. 50/- and

a one-time subscription of Rs.3000/- for life membership or

an annual subscription of Rs.300/- every year.

As on date, the Chennai chapter of the society has 121 life members and 26 ordinary members.